About Project

“Breathe the future – hybrid education in VET – hVET” project is the response to emerging challenges and shifting paradigms of teaching – implementing hybrid learning in VET, sustaining engagement and motivation of learners, as well as replicating hands-on experiences with online classes. It is to help VET schools learn to plan for future periods of remote or hybrid learning, structure their teaching practices, increase VET teachers’ capacity for blended learning and close the digital divine. The importance of ensuring a structured VET educational environment and boosting digital capacity in the VET sector is a topic that comes out transversally. The hVET forms a strong, cross-sectoral collaboration engaging 6 partners from 5 European countries (Poland, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece) within and outside the education to create an alliance of various experts, organizations with diverse perspectives and resources to address these complex educational challenges more effectively.

Thanks to the project, the consortium stirs innovation in VET sector, raise the quality standards of VET education, put in place sensible approaches to hybrid education in VET, as well as provide knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that VET staff and students will need to be successful in work and community.


At the heart of the hVET project lies a collaborative and innovative educational approach based on a variation of a hybrid teaching model (blend of physical and virtual learning) applicable in the VET sector. The main objective of the hVET project is to prepare VET schools for the new, post-pandemic education by creating, testing and implementing a variation of a hybrid teaching model with a set of tailored tools, resources, materials for VET teachers, trainers, practitioners and students.

Create, test and implement a variation of hybrid model in VET schools

Support the effective transition of VET systems to the digital age through provision of innovative teaching and learning solutions

Increase inclusion and accessibility in hybrid setting, paying special attention to individuals from disadvantaged groups (digital exclusion, economic obstacles, rural areas)

Encourage innovation, creativity in VET Development of professional skills for modern VET teachers

Boosting students’ engagement in online learning, development of self-motivation in learning

Strengthen cooperation between VET schools and stakeholders across project countries in order to stir innovation and ensure continuity of education regardless of circumstances, promoting flexible learning approaches.

The innovative model is a new paradigm for teaching and learning in VET schools, implementing a suitable variation of hybrid education model where the best features of online (non-contact) education and offline (social contact) face-to-face classes are optimized to deliver the best educational experiences for VET pedagogical staff and students.

It is an online learning platform based on active learning concept for VET teachers/ tutors/ trainers/educators to build their capacity in hybrid delivery model and promote flexible teaching approaches ensuring increased students participation.

Psychometric tool for diagnosis and masuring the competences of hybrid VET teacher (synchronised, online and face2face activities). The theoretical basis of the tool is developed Competency Profile of Hybrid Teacher 2.0 – a set of essential skills and knowledge of VET teachers conducting on-line and off-line VET classes. The profile is created on the basis of desk research available literature and the experience of experts – on-line trainers.

It is a diagnostic tool for on-line learning style of VET learners to ensure compatibility between new learning solutions and individual needs.

It is a hybrid, educational game involving VET learners (today’s digital natives) from different schools on local, national and international level (international plot) combining individual and collaborative learning opportunities (synergy), as well as involving outdoor elements. It brings the real and virtual world together to motivate, educate and inspire.


Polska Fundacja Ośrodków Wspomagania Rozwoju Gospodarczego „OIC Poland” w Lublinie

OIC Poland Foundation, from 1991 acting for economic and social progress in the south-eastern Poland, belongs to the leading group of training organisations in Lublin region. The main aim of the Foundation is prevention of unemployment and fostering economic development by implementation of educational and counselling programmes, targeted at inhabitants of the region.

İnstituto Politecnico De Santarem

The Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPSantarém) was created in 1979 and is a public higher education institution. IPSantarém is committed to the qualification of the citizens through the creation, transmission and diffusion of professional knowledge, culture, science, technology, and arts.

PROGRESS Kalińska, Talik spółka jawna

The company Progress Kalińska, Talik General partnership has been operating on the market since October 18, 2017, dealing with the area of adult education and training for trainers and educators. Its goal is to support adults in the process of development and lifelong learning. The company implements these goals through training projects aimed at people involved in the education of youth and adults.

G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Limited

Eurosuccess Consulting is a Consulting & Training organization active in the field of project management, training & consulting services. Through a dynamic team of young enthusiasts, with expertise in project management, research, training and educational development, EUROSC provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of various target groups, communities, as well as organizations and businesses, regarding their lifelong learning opportunities in Cyprus and abroad.

Antalya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü

Antalya Provincial Directorate for National Education is a local public authority and in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school education to the end of the secondary education in Antalya Province including 5 central and 14 provincial districts.

C.M. Skoulidi & Sia E.E.

P-consulting is an IT and Training Consultancy focused on web development, digital transformation and in business consulting. The company is working with schools, VET institutions, training organisations, chambers, and other organisations in Greece and the EU.


1.Transnational Project Meeting

1.Transnational Project Meeting has been held on 13-14 June 2022 in Lublin, Poland.

2.Transnational Project Meeting

2.Transnational Project Meeting has been held on 10-11 November 2022 in Santerem , Portugal.

3.Transnational Project Meeting

3.Transnational Project Meeting has been held on 18-19 May 2023 in Patras, Greece.

Online calls

All project Partners attended online meetings. We evaluated the further steps and tasks of the hVET project.

hVET project partners held the 4.TPM in Nicosia on 9-10 November 2023.

The partners discusses the project results and further activities of the hVET project.

hVET project partners held the C1 Activity in Nicosia on 12 – 16.02.2024

In the project, partners came together to introduce and implement the hybrid education model in vocational education.


hVET Booklets are prepared to introduce hVET project results to VET schools and VET teachers.

Global report is published

hVET posters are presenting the project activities, results ,partners and communication channels of the project.

hVET newsletters are presenting latest project news but also being repository of products developed.

hVET brochures are giving information about the general idea of the project.

Following the steps of Hybrid Education in VET

Hybrid Education in VET, our project has covered the majority of its journey. Along this path, significant steps and actions have been taken, which form the foundation upon which the next crucial and innovative stages of the project will be built.

Taking a brief look back, it is important to highlight the milestones of the project thus far.

At the beginning we created a methodology of hybrid teaching in VET schools. Through focus groups of VET teachers we gathered insights and made a manual that is accessible on our website.

Secondly, we developed an online course for VET teachers on hybrid teaching that covered a huge range of technology integration, strategies and online teaching materials.

Along with the above actions we created an online tool for every teacher who wants to enrich the competences and knowledge in a hybrid educational environment.

Regarding VET students we developed an online test “Hybrid learner Qualities Test-HLQ” so as to help all, both students and teachers, to understand and assess the different learning styles in a hybrid classroom.

In addition, we gathered experts from all project partners for a training activity “Teaching in Hybrid Classroom” which aimed to merge knowledge, to review and evaluate the results of the project, so as to have a concrete comprehension of hybrid educational strategies and approaches.

Having conquered and gathered incredible knowledge and experience, we proceed to complete the design of the hybrid educational game for students- the Hybrid Mystery.

Stay tuned for more.